A method of education that is based on hands-on learning and collaborative play

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    A method of education that is based on hands-on learning and collaborative play.

    A differential education method for children aged 1 to 15 years.

    Our Programs

    1 to 2.5 years

    Dr. Montessori pioneered early childhood education, stressing the criticality of the formative years for a child’s personality and intellectual development. The Montessori School environment prioritizes safety, nurturing spaces where children learn through active play, fostering gross and fine motor skills, language skills, independence, and confidence.

    Areas of Development

    The curriculum is divided into the following parts:

    – Gross Motor Skills
    – Fine Motor Skills
    – Hand-eye Coordination
    – Care of Environment
    – Care of Self
    – Language
    – Social and Emotional Growth  

    2.5 to 6 years

    In Montessori’s primary years at school, children thrive in a safe, and ordered environment where they are educated at their own pace. They develop independence, social skills, problem-solving, and perseverance through mixed-age settings. Divided into various areas, they explore daily activities, senses, numeracy, language, culture, physical activities, and creativity with child-sized materials, moving from rote learning to a child-centered approach.

    Areas of Development

    The curriculum is divided into the following parts:

    – Exercises of Practical Life
    Sensorial Activities
    Cultural Extensions
    – Art and Creativity
    – Physical Education

    6 to 12 years

    The Montessori Elementary Program immerses children (6 to 12 years) in the wonders of the universe, nudging their curiosity and answering their questions. Tailored to the second-plane child, the school environment is divided to focus on activities of everyday living, opportunities to explore through their senses, numeracy, language, culture, physical activity, arts, and creativity. We foster education that includes imagination, intellectual growth, and collaborative skills, guiding them from concrete to abstract thinking. Rooted in Cosmic Education, the curriculum encourages independent exploration, critical thinking, and self-directed learning.

    Areas of Development

    The curriculum is divided into the following parts:

    – Language
    – Mathematics
    – Geometry
    – History
    – Geography
    – Biology
    – Music
    – Physical education
    – Art and creativity

    12 to 15 years 

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    The Montessori Method

    The Montessori Method fosters character formation through experiential learning, leveraging the child’s own potential in education from preschool right up to high school. Dr. Montessori emphasizes cultivating curiosity, love for knowledge and a strong desire to learn through a non-competitive environment. A Montessori environment gives children the opportunity to choose work freely, promote lifelong habits for efficiency, learn effective concentration, mold and strengthen their personality.

    Montessori Principles:

    • Freedom of choice with responsibility
    • Instructive and self-correcting materials
    • Foster independence and self-motivation
    • Development of character and positive self-image.
    • Respect for all life and diversity
    • Growing into a responsible and confident citizen.

    Approved by Indian Montessori Foundation

    The Indian Montessori Foundation is a pan-Indian organisation founded with the vision of enabling children to reach their full potential through the principles of Montessori education leading towards a more harmonious and peaceful world. 

    Famous Montessorians

    The Indian wing of the Montessori Internationale Association was founded by Sarla Devi, who has been at its helm since 1948. Vikram Sarabhai – Sarla Devi Sarabhai came across a book written by Dr. Montessori and was inspired by the philosophy. Raising her children (eight of them, including the eminent scientist Vikram Sarabhai), she diligently studied Dr. Montessori’s work.

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